VELTYCO and (another) Bulgarian Connection


Even though we have not yet officially launched our “Financial Telegram” (FinTelegram) we receive a lot of whistleblower messages (thank you for that) and the first complaints and threats. The latters are claiming, for example, that our posts contain false (defamatory) information and that we have to take those posts offline immediately or otherwise legal proceedings will be initiated against FinTelegram and its team.
The entrepreneur Ilan TZORYA (see his LinkedIn profile), for example, claims that we have falsely written that he is invested in Crowdwiz, a Sofia-based company, and/or was involved in the Crowdwiz ICO or something like that. Interestingly, FinTelegram has never written such an article. Sounds interesting? It is! Hence we did some research.


Because Ilan TZORYA threatens us with legal proceedings we did a short investigation – and guess what? On the website of Krypton Capital, an investment company founded and headed by Ilan TZORYA, Crowdwiz is shown as one of the projects of Krypton Capital’s portfolio. Moreover, Ilan TZORYA was shown as ICO Advisor in the Crowdwiz whitepapers (please read the report on ICO Bench).

Summarizing the facts: Ilan TZORYA is non-executive director of the public-listed company VELTYCO and obviously runs a crypto-investment empire via his Krypton Capital vehicle in Kiev. On the company’s website, it is stated that USD 140 million were invested in 48 projects. And for sure, Crowdwiz is among those investments and Ilan TZORYA himself was the Advisor to the Crowdwiz ICO. We are, of course prepared to offer Ilan TZORYA the opportunity for an interview which we would publish on FinTelegram (in case he gets in contact with us directly).

We, our team with FinTelegram, try our best to investigate thoroughly to avoid any mistakes or “defamations”. But, of course, we may make mistakes which we would be happy to correct and to apologize for publicly. Just let us know the mistakes via our contact form. To the promoters of investment schemes(even if they are completely legitimate schemes) we would like to say: you guys want people’s money, you want millions if it. Part of your job is to be criticized. So, don’t hide and confront yourselves with critics instead of threatening people that report about those investment schemes.

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How Much Ilan & Gang Paid for this article removal ?

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