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Who are you guys ?  To be continued ….

Mr Werner ?




https://www.wernerboehm.com   ???

In its decision of November 14, 2017, the Court declared that Werner Boehm had breached his fiduciary duties to BitRush Corp. and caused the affairs of the Company to be conducted in an oppressive manner that unfairly disregarded and was unfairly prejudicial to BitRush Corp. and its shareholders.  The Court ordered, among other things, that Boehm and MezzaCap repay $561,373 that had been misappropriated from BitRush and ordered costs of $225,956 payable to BitRush.  In the event that the $561,373 was not repaid, it was ordered that BitRush could cancel shares held by MezzaCap of equivalent value. The funds have not been repaid. – FSCWire

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  • February 2, 2019 at 8:33 am

    Our majority of the board terminated Werner Boehm as CEO as a result of his detrimental actions taken without board approval, including the posting of a number of inaccurate news releases on the Company’s website. The inaccurate news releases include false allegations that the former acting CTO was “blackmailing” the Company and a news release that Werner Boehm “blackmaling” many people around the globe that’s a fact!

  • February 3, 2019 at 3:38 am


    Six acquittals in YLine process
    The process of bankruptcy of former Internet star YLine ended 14 years after the bankruptcy of the company. For company founder Werner Böhm and the other five defendants, there were acquittals.

    The acquittals are not final, because the prosecutor’s office asked for time to think. Böhm was convicted in the Causa accounting fraud by recourse to litigation costs of 7,000 euros, which he accepted. The judge referred boehm still on the fact that he got off with this sum cheap and he also had the option of installment on top of that.

    Böhm is now working in Canada
    Böhm said after the verdict, he hopes to check off the cause now as soon as possible. But he said that justice was only partially achieved, he said, looking at the length of the procedure. He had suffered considerable financial losses. “Financially I felt bad”, says Böhm. He is now working in Canada active, his monthly income, he gave a good 3,000 euros gross monthly.


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