DTI Group Scam and Extortion, By Ilan Tzorya

First of all, we would like to thank all the people who offered us their support and encouragement! After our previous article went viral, we’ve received a lot of positive feedback and backing from our readers. Thank you, we appreciate your every word!

This should not have surprised us, given Ilan Tzroya reputation, but we were amazed to receive messages from his other victims. Our email is now full of evidence of serial scam Ilan Tzroya and his accomplices have brought down on people’s heads over the last few years. It will take weeks, maybe months to go through all the evidence, communicate with all the parties, and make a sense of it all. Beyond any doubt, all truth will eventually come to light.

But before this happens, we have another story for you.

I’d like to take you back to 2016. Having split from Yehoram and Shai Hillels, Ilan Tzroya had full control over Tradologic. For him, it was the right time to expand the ventures. B2B business was flourishing and royalties were a stable source of income for Ilan. But soon Ilan realized – all the juice was in running the brands. The clients who ran successful brands were making hundreds of thousands a month.

Access to the statistical data and contacts of the Tradologic clients gave him unprecedented insights into the industry. He had access to all the necessary statistics: the average lifetime of a client, the most profitable demographics, conversion rates. It was as if all the secrets of the industry were on the palm of his hand.

Knowing all the clients of Tradologic, it was easy to find the right victim. The first one was a brand, a client of Tradologic, with a small but perspective business – Zoomtrader. Knowing Ilan, it won’t surprise you that it didn’t take him long to take over the brand. Obviously, he didn’t even spend a penny.

No money – no honey

But growing the brand required money. And with the money came honey – Ilan saw new opportunities down the road. Imagine yourself in his shoes. What would you do? You’d probably make a business plan and present it to an investor. So he did. But what kind of investors does Ilan like the most? By all means, those who won’t ask too many questions.

Vlad Smirnov, representing GV Holdings (owned by both Vladislav Smirnov and Geri Shalon). GV holdings invested in DTI Group 2m EUR. Ilan got 40% on paper, but controlling all the deals was a tremendous boost to his ability to loot the brands.

Ilan used the money to invest in Zoomtrader, but that didn’t seem to help. So in October 2016, he makes a deal to swap Zoomtrader for 15% of Veltyco, Plc – a publicly traded company that is run by Uwe Lenhoff –  plus gets 600k cash for DTI Group and a place at the board. Zoomtrader becomes a part of Veltyco portfolio. A binary option brand in a public-traded company!!!! Was it a good deal for DTI or for Ilan? He registered the shares under the name of a clone of DTI – a DTIG Holding LTD (Cyprus) –  which was, naturally, in his full ownership.

Take the brands from trusting lads, share them with your cunning friends

Let’s flashback to the moment when Ilan notices a very promising and growing client of DTI, where Gal Barak is the main driving force. He literally begs Gal to make a deal with Tradologic to become his partner and to invest money into Gal’s B2C business. After Ilan has weaved another ornament with his knavish tricks, Gal agrees to do it, and becomes partner first with Tradologic (where Ilan has 25% at the time) and then, after DTI was formed (where Ilan had 40% stake), Ilan moves the deal from Tradologic to DTI group. Now DTI owns 50% of GMP – a company newly formed with Gal Barak.

Another brand, Binex, a would-be client of Tradologic – Ilan took from a Russian programmer named Anton. Our brand looter loved the design and took Binex over, even though it didn’t make any sales. Ilan promised Anton to move development to Bulgaria, appointing his friend Edward Dave as CEO of binex.ru. With a tiny injection of cash, voilà –  a nice little brand.

An Israeli citizen, living in Ukraine, Ed (or ED) is running multiple call centers in Kiev, Kharkiv and other cities of Ukraine. 

Additionally, he is a notorious Kiev’s cash supplier, or to call a spade a spade – we’re talking tax evasion and money laundering service. The Binex operation was managed by Andrew Hutorok – Ed’s longtime partner, until the operations, were shut down by the ukranian law enforcement. It’s not the first time Ed got in trouble, so what? not a problem… Ed tried to make “a deal” with the enforcement and point fingers in the direction of Ilan’s opponents, making up stories that never happened. Fortunately, even in Ukraine, the law enforcement has to follow the rules and present evidence. And evidence speaks for itself.

Yet another business of DTI Group – DreamsPay. This one was masterminded by Ilan back in 2014. The idea was simple – many clients of Tradologic and Ilan’s brands required processing, and Dreams Pay LTD existed to fulfill that need of the industry. A processing company would fit nicely into the echo system of Tradologic. But it was hard to find the right person to manage the business. The processing experts in Israel are reluctant to make a deal with Ilan’s spooky personality. And the payment industry needs perfect reputation. Hence he offers the job to ex-accountant of Binex – Serge – another addition to Ilan’s DTI Group echo system. So the revenues of the business grow with Ilan’s constant supply of clients.

By 2017, Ilan controlled quite a large holding already. He is now an operator of B2C brands with growing revenues. It has various companies in a portfolio, even such an exotic venture – LegionRun.com. The employees of Tradologic (ah, sorry… SuperDev), DTI, GMP are frequent participants. With very little investments, Ilan increased the share of DTI in Legion Events from 30 to 93%, literally driving the founders out of ownership with very little money. The brand is now recognized by many Bulgarians. The plans are huge.

The machine is working and making money. Now, what do you do when a holding company makes money? Pay dividends to the investors? Don’t be ridiculous. The GV Holdings would take 60% of the profits. You’d be better off giving out loans to your friends. As a result, Moshe Hogeg receives 1m loan from DTI Group to run his stoxx.com ICO, with invest.com domain as a collateral. Mabsut got 500k EUR convertible loan for their ZotaPay project. Evidently, smaller loans and investments came about as well.

In such a situation, the following steps are reasonable enough. Basically, you reinvest the profits to grow the holding, make more connections and expand the business under your control. Quick question though –  what do you do when the loans are returned, and profits grow even more? A natural decision would be to distribute the dividends. But no, not for Ilan. He just pulls the plug.

Yes, you guessed it. Ilan did the same old trick that always works for him – take the assets out of the holding, make the same old Eli Musli gang members – Malhaz (Michael Eluashvili) and Amiran Dzanashvili – partners to your shareholders, and start an information war. An incredibly simple tactic that is proven to work.

Some of Ilan’s partners do not appreciate tricks of this kind. Gal Barak of GMP and the employees of DreamsPay refuse to be part of this SCAM. In this case, Ilan has another tactic up his sleeve, a more personal one. He calls their friends and family members trying to win them over and work with him to change the mind of his “unreasonable” colleagues so that they would join his takeover. When this doesn’t turn out a success, he publishes imaginary fiction in his FinTelegram, aiming at complete destruction of his victims – Gal Barak, Geri Shalon, Vlad Smirnov, Uwe Lenhoff. What a nice weapon in the hands of a big scammer.

We think the public has the right to know both sides of the story and decide for themselves where to draw the line of truth. But in the meantime learn the scale of Ilan Tzroya’s scam operations, find out the names of his accomplices and his source of wealth.

Speaking of FinTelegram, here is something about its authors. Just have a look at the profile of the author who is so eager to write imaginative fiction about Ilan’s opponents:

Now consider this fugitive:

An ironic alias? Maybe. Or maybe not.

But wait Werner Boehm!!!, it gets much better! There is no irony in this fact: the confirmed CEO of FinTelegram, is an official shareholder scammer: “He uses the articles written by him (under various pseudonyms which nourish the suspicion of a multiple personalities) to completely distort facts and to express his almost pathological ideas from the point of view of a “true and independent expert”.

There is more here:
A fitting company for Ilan Tzroya, Eli Musli, Malhaz, Amiran extortion gang. We are positive they have a lot in common. This is a five star addition to their team.

Supporting Materials:

To be continued…

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